Cold, Heartless & Cute…

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The last two nights have been amongst some of the more exciting (by exciting I mean absolute torture) of the last seven and a halfish months… Actually that’s a lie there have been so many worse, but also so many better. Given that these are the most recent in my mind they are the most painful (i’m typing this from my dining table as I feel the call of my bed behind me, beckoning me down the hallway to have a sneaky nap. I’m sipping on my black gold (coffee), ignoring that call and attempting to share a little more with you on the very illusive subject of sleep.

I’m so relieved to say that what has occured here is not the demonic possession what we had initially thought (phew) but in actual fact the dreaded “8 Month Sleep Regression” has come upon us (heard of it? Is it real? It feels pretty real). The last several nights Isaac has been waking up within the hour every hour for the entire night without reprieve. My sweet boy just wakes up so upset and the only thing that will calm him down if at all is the ole’ boobies.

Here’s a little history on that…

Shortly before Christmas i began feeding Bam (as he’s become affectionately known) to sleep. Due to a few speed humps along the way on our sleep journey things had slowly deteriorated and next thing you know here we are; although it annoys me that i even think of it as a negative place to be because it actually feels like the most natural thing on earth. Anyways, I just got to a point where i decided that if i was going to get anything done for Christmas something had to give and its all worked out fine so far; sort of…

Isaac Field Play Pen

Bam goes down to sleep with some nice one on one time with me and it’s so peaceful and lovely. The only real problem we have here (and this is where the “sort of” comes in) is that no matter what is going on Isaac needs me to fall asleep. It doesn’t matter how much Mylo shoosh shoosh shooshes him or checks in on us or makes me a cup of tea or waits for me to come back to bed, no one else can do the job. IT’S. ALL. ME.

Now the other issue that has surfaced is that when he wakes in the night he really wakes, like he’s ready to play a game of competition squash type of  wakes. He sits up at violent speeds giving me nip lash every time he hears one of the many and varied sounds in our house as though it’s some sort of signal to get up for the day. “I don’t think so champ and if you do that to me one more time i’m going to confiscate my nipples until you can treat them with the respect they deserve”.

On second thoughts thats the only way I can get you back to sleep in the night and i can’t be bothered trying anything else because i’m too tired so i’ll let you do it to me a million more times in hope that you dose off and i can go back to my bed which i feel like i barely know anymore.

Anyone else feel me?

I can’t wait to hear from you ladies so please comment below to let me know i’m either

a – not alone OR b – what worked for you c – reassure me i’m not going to die from lack of sleep.

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