…but a moment in time.


It’s short and it’s sweet but it will stay with my heart forever more and these my friends are the moments we live for.

Bam’s dinner has been strewn across the dining room floor, the bath toys are lying like shipwrecks in the tub, both awaiting my return. I can hear the tinker of things in the kitchen as Mylo prepares our wonderful feast for the night (possibly leftovers) and the hustle of conversation and movement below me hums as the peak hour of dinner, bath and soon to be bed begins for the rest of our little community. I turn off the lights and hunker down into my usual spot in the rocking chair with my wee babe for what is without a doubt my favourite part of each day; feeding my little man and assisting him into the land of nod, just the two of us. He nestles in as per usual and begins feeding, everything is the norm.

About ten minutes in and when I think he might be about to start dozing and need to swap sides he pulls ever so abruptly away from me and looks directly at me through the darkness of the room. He pulls his arm out from under mine and I’m thinking “here we go, I’ve got a battle on my hands tonight”.

He then reaches for my face and In close my eyes preparing for the usual face grab or eye gauge as is his gangster style of late only to have him frantically yet ever so gently navigate my face as though he were trying to memorise every part of it by hand. His little fingers pausing and taking longer to discover my eyebrows, lips and nose then cruising quickly over my cheeks and forehead. He started murmuring a soft “coo” so breathy it was almost inaudible over the ocean sounds in the background (when you can’t live near the beach you replicate it anyway you can). Finally he snuggled back in under my arm and with his free hand, found mine and pulled it in between us and got back to his supper.

I tried not to let my now flowing tears effect the normal rise and fall of my chest and I felt completely overwhelmed by how lucky I am to be part of moments like this.

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