The Third & Final Installment


Night falls and there is feeling of staunchness that comes over me as I put Bam to bed. I have braced myself for the evening ahead and in amongst the usual routine my sweet boy is reminding me that he is every bit worthy of the incredible effort that is parenthood. His cheeky smiles, joyful giggle, deeply sentimental eyes, the tight grip of his hand on my finger and his heavy little head on my shoulder. These are the days that we will look back at fondly and only remember the happy moments because the rest will pale in significance to how special our boy is and how lucky we are to have him.

We hop into bed not even really trying to be very quiet as he will wake anyways so what’s the point, the lights go out and Yenko (our kitty) snuggles in between us.

We’re awoken to the sound of Isaac crying very dramatically as is his style and I flip the monitor up to ensure he hasn’t fallen out of the cot (the sound always has me fooled that he is injured).

I scurry into his room, sweep him up in my arms and assume my position in the rocking chair. He nestles in to his favourite little nook, my bosom; and I try to breathe calmly as the butterflies in my stomach nearly overtake my whole body. I’m smiling so hard my eyes are watering and my cheeks hurt. Did I read the monitor correctly???

2:45am ………………………………

I pretend to be calm for what feels like an eternity, desperate to get back to my room so that I can double check the time. I place Isaac back in his bed with teddy tucked under his arm, his little body relaxed again. I launch back into our bed, double check my phones time against that of the monitor and both now read 3:00am. I tear up with relief, pull Yenko towards me and fall immediately back to sleep.

“I must have been so tired I only heard Bam once last night”, Mylo says at 6am. “No babe that’s because that’s the only time he woke up he whole night”, I reply proud as punch like I’m the reason this had happened. This was he longest he had ever slept in his tiny life (8.5hrs).

Somebody pop the champagne because we’re gonna celebrate like we just won the Moto GP in front of our home crowd; or potentially we will just go to bed early tonight because who knows if it will ever happen again. Either way we are stoked!!

3 thoughts on “The Third & Final Installment

  1. Woo hooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! That is so awesome!!!!! The first picture made me smile because he is so, so CUTE (those eyes! those arms! his little shape!) and the second one is so sweet it made me tear up. And OMG what a cute name for a kitty!

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