Look at me and I’ll cry…

Mum Stuff

It’s so great to see your friends and revitalize your soul. Life is so busy and the time to catch up with friends gets more and more limited but we are lucky enough to have the most wonderful friends and it’s like we’ve never been apart. Something Mylo and I value endlessly is the friendships we have made.

As it turns out Bam is in a stage of feeling completely overwhelmed by big crowds, loud noises and different environments and would be happy if he never saw anyone but us for the rest of his life (or so it would seem). Fair enough I mean he hasn’t long been holding his head up on his own in the greater scheme of things and here we are taking him to a bar on the beach on a Saturday.

Needless to say keeping Isaac close to us (in our arms) was the way this afternoon was going to pan out. It is such a beautiful feeling when your little one scans a room and decides there’s no one else they’d rather be near than you. Especially since I’m sure he mostly looks at me as a milk dispenser.

He isn’t the easiest baby to carry, 10.3kgs and likes to face forwards at all times Like he’s in a human ergo, but I think we will still take it as a win whilst we can. Mylo’s should we nearly had a dent in it from where he would burrow his little face in when the noise would get louder. My milk would let down and my ovaries ached every time I looked over and saw him snuggling into his daddy’s chest and naturally when we went home I said let’s have another 8 now.

Also, apologies to anyone whom he cried at when they looked at him. It’s not personal, you’re just not his mum or dad and right now that’s all he wants.

It’s pretty amazing how from the day he came out he looked at us and knew that we were his best bet in this world and he would stick with us on his earthly journey. He’s not been clingy before so I’m assuming this is just a stage and we will ride it out so he feels comfortable and knows that he can depend on us always.

Now excuse me whilst I go and get some cuddles…

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