Hi I’m Kel & I’m more than just a mum…


Hey Fam!!!

So I’ve been on “sick leave” for the last week because the wee Bam had an absolute doosey and needed non stop love, attention and affection for a good part of the last seven days. Throw in a couple of recovery days for me and here we are a week has flown by.

More on that later…

Right now I wanted to talk about ME!!! So self indulgent right? Who do I think I am talking about me and who I am or at least who I was before I birthed that giant noggin’ into this world. It’s like Isaac got earthside and I went from being Kelly Jeanette Field to Bam’s mum and Kelly was never again to be seen off Nobby’s.

So I wanted to tell you who I was and who I am hoping to become again sometime soon. I mean I understand that I’m different now, there are more layers to me, more pages in my resume because I am a mum, I won’t ever be that same girl again and I don’t even want to be her again. What I do want is to regain some parts of me that have had to be put on the shelf for a while whilst I grew my sweet boy through the first parts of his precious little life.

You see he is becoming more independent now and I’m not getting ahead of myself I know he is only eight and a half months old but I am starting to see a glimmer of life out of the trenches and to be honest it excites the be-jingles out of me.

So guys without further adieu, this is me.

I’m Kelly, I’m a little scatter brained at times, mostly because my mind works at a million miles an hour. I am an extrovert, I am a borderline nudist, I am a positive thinker, I’m a sun, sand and ocean lover and I am an over-committer. I am also a creative, I have thousands of ideas every day and projects I’d love to embark on if time was endless and most importantly I LOVE BUSINESS. Like, I LOVE LOVE BUSINESS. I have had a few in my time and I believe one day I will be able to support me and my family with one of them and we will be able to lead the lifestyle we’d like to lead because of it. I don’t mean a money driven lifestyle I mean a rich in time lifestyle where we get to spend days at the park with our little people, head to the beach when the surf is “on”, cook meals for friends and family we cherish, roll around in the sheets (with Mylo) for hours on end, discuss life’s big issues over tea, watch the sun rise, heck watch the sun set and help people in need. I enjoy working for myself, I believe in working hard, yet smart and I don’t see why this can’t become a reality for me and my family.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…(random AF so buckle in for the ride)

  • Began a Cheerleading (the American, Bring it on kind) business taking a cheerleading program into school. I gave this one away.
  • Created & manufactured an Australian Cheerleading shoe brand. Still alive and well, but I sold it.
  • Owned a café for a short while which kind of just fell in our laps and so we ran with it to see if we could turn it around from the terrible position it was in. Turned out that was never gonna be possible for a number of reasons so after we gave it our all in trying to do so we jumped ship before things turned dire.

Now the most recent and possibly the one I am most passionate about. I mean I loved them all but this one I had dreamt about since I was eighteen years old and had just been waiting for the right time to start. As it turns out starting a business is like having a baby, there is no right time you just have to get started and work it out as you go.


So a couple of years ago I birthed “Salt Cult”. A swimwear brand that is “hardware” free, reversible, affordable and sold as separates. I was tired of cozies costing the earth and then being faded a thread pulled by the end of summer. Now the wear and tear I’m ok with because that’s a sign that you’ve lived a GOOD summer filled with good times, but the cost was just too much considering that they aren’t a collectable leather handbag to be kept on a shelf. They clothe your body so that you can live life outdoors to the fullest. Finally, how many women do you know that are the same size top and bottom? I personally think there are more that aren’t than are and on top of that if I love the style of a top and wanna mix it up each year or have a couple of different ones (think resort, surf, soaking up some rays) cool but I don’t wanna be bound to a certain “bottom” because of the top I choose, different size or not. Some girls like it cheeky, some girls like a traditional bikini and some girls like next to nothing at all (say no to tan lines). So that’s what I did and she’s out there for the world to see.


She’s been neglected of late, poor darling. In fact since she got out there into the big wide world she has experienced quite a bit of neglect. It’s a real catch 22. You have another job to make ends meet which means working on your business in your spar


e time, but how do you get your business to a level where you can do it full time and it supports you if you have no time to spend on it because of your full time gig. The easy answer? Work day and night because your passion will get you through right? It’s true there is a lot of that but there is also dealing with absolute lack of budget for just about everything and when you aren’t working with a mulit million


dollars marketing budget ‘ish gets hard. You are also every role in your business from accounts, sales, designer, logistics and so forth and oh that’s right the rest of your life still exists and sometimes you need to attend it.

Anyways, all this aside I still love her dearly and I have big plans for her. I believe she is going to meet what I think is a huge gap in the swimwear market. She’s pretty, affordable, all about fun loving summer times. Making a few adjustments to our website currently but don’t you worry she’ll be back in action in no time and I can’t wait to sare her with you more over the coming weeks and months. So if you wanna check her out please do.




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