About Me

Hey I’m Kelly and I’m a new mum, a wife, I have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and I’m an expert overthinker. Being outdoors is my jam, in particular being near the water. The waves, salt and sand rejuvenate my soul. Family is pretty much my life and we, my main man Mylo, our sweet babe Isaac and Yenko the cat, currently live in a little “Community” with my sister Megan and her husband Michael and their three gorgeous children Xander, Pat & Ava. I dream big and often and my currency is LOVE.


I have created this site and blog as a judgement free zone, a safe place if you will to share with you my thoughts, trials and tribulations on this wild journey of motherhood and well…. life really.

I hope that you would share any tips, tricks, wisdom or just straight up encouragement with me based on your knowledge and personal experience as well as make me feel normal about the elaborate, sleep deprived thought processes I have.

In return perhaps I might also offer you some level on consolation, encouragement and who knows maybe a few pearls of wisdom, that you’re not alone in this journey either and that yes the thoughts you’re having are in fact normal. If not normal at least I am having them too!!!

So ladies & gentlemen enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.